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A wonderful way to enter 2024

A wonderful way to enter 2024

New Years Journey

31 December 2023 at 12:00:00

A New Year Journey filled with one-of-a-kind experiences to take you into 2024 feeling inspired.

Time & Location
24 Oct, 15:00 – 27 Oct, 10:00

Elands Bay, WITKLIP FARM, Elands Bay, 8110, South Africa

Experience the magic of Spring, in nature :)

Join us on a journey that invites you to discover the profound wisdom of Breath, the rejuvenating essence of indigenous Medicinal Herbs, the transformative cleansing Kambo ritual, and the boundless expansion of Bufo.

Immerse yourself in a 3-night retreat set against the backdrop of the breathtaking West Coast during the Blooming Flower season.

Guided by the lioness sister duo: Sara Ucendo and Kelly Davids.

Get ready to be swept away by an upcoming October retreat that promises a blossoming of the senses and a renewal of the spirit 🥰

Day 1


Arrival and settle in


Our journey begins with a barefoot pilgrimage through our ancestral lands amidst the blooming flowers, guiding us to a sacred fertility site. Here, we will engage in meditation, setting our intentions for the journey that lies ahead, both within ourselves and in the world around us.

As the sun sets, we will explore the realm of medicinal plants, gathering for an opening medicine circle led by Medicine Woman, Sara Ucendo. This circle will feature the use of Blue Lotus Rape' and/or Sanaga Eye drops, both of which are optional.

The Blue Lotus Rapè is a revered snuff created from wild tobacco and Blue Lotus, serving to illuminate our path, provide guidance, and offer protection as we transition from one chapter of our journey to the next.

Alternatively, the Sanaga Eye drops, a blend of ancient herbs, bark, and roots, possess the power to heal both spiritual and physical ailments. They cleanse the eyes, expand the mind, and foster heightened awareness and presence in both body and soul.


To conclude the evening, we will enjoy a delectable and nourishing dinner beneath the starlit night sky

Day 2


We start the day with a Kambo medicine ritual, which is derived from the secretions of the Amazonian frog. Renowned for its detoxifying and purifying qualities, Kambo medicine has several benefits:

- Detoxification: Kambo's unique properties help eliminate toxins and impurities, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

- Immune system support: Kambo is thought to boost the body's natural defenses, promoting overall health.

- Emotional relief: Participants often experience emotional release and clarity, which can alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression.

- Spiritual connection: Immerse yourself in a deeper connection with both yourself and the world through this ancient shamanic practice.

Our knowledgeable medicine woman, Sara, will guide you through the experience. Add info on Sara


Indulge in a nuritional brunch


Experience a rejuvenating Indigenous herbal Nurture with Nature Pamper session:

This session allows us to explore the magical healing properties of the local plants through tea tasting, skin application, and smoke inhalation.

Leading this session is Sister Kelly Davids, who brings her expertise and passion to the experience


Dinner - delicious and healthy desserts under the night sky

Day 3



11: 00

The Heritage Hike into Diepkloof Rockshelter, 1 of 3 heritage sites that form the Cradle of Human Culture. What makes this site special is that the first people of this land occupied this shelter and left behind many incredible paintings that tell stories of the past. Underneath all of that, the remnants of engraved ostrich shells found underground were carbon-dated to 60 000 years ago making this a significant Heritage Site. More knowledge shared on this informative morning walk.




Explore the intelligence of Breath and micro dose of bufo alvarius, also known as the Sonoran Desert toad or "bufo," Which offers potential benefits such as heightened mindfulness, increased creativity, improved emotional well-being, potential spiritual insights, and personal growth. This practice is believed to enhance present-moment awareness, foster creativity, and alleviate anxiety, while facilitating introspection and promoting neuroplasticity.


Ending off with a beautiful feast under the stars





Closing Circle




R7500 (before 01.10.23)
R8500 (after 01.10.23)

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