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We have invested a lot of time studying and practicing the delicate duty of working with human energy through lived experiences. It's a sacred art and along our journey we have iterated this process a great many times to be able to offer what we do.

Intimate Gatherings

We specialise in intimate gatherings that bring individuals closer to themselves, nature and those around them.

- Alternative Weddings

- Ceremonies + Celebrations

- Cultural Exchanges

- Plant Medicine Circles

- Mystical Adventures in Nature

- Corporate Retreats



We work with aligned, world-class facilitators to co-create unique experiences.  Depending on the intention, we will suggest experiences and facilitations:

- Guided Trips in Nature

- Cultural Immersions 

- Live Performances

- Sound Journeys

- Interactive Workshops

Custom Attire

Our signature service has been making customised garments since 2012. We understand that everyone has different needs and styles, so we co-create with you to create the perfect garment. We now offer natural fibre options so you can be sure you are getting the best quality.

Culinary Curations

Indeed, food is a manifestation of love, the ultimate medicine that nourishes both body and soul. Throughout our journey, we have been blessed to cross paths with immensely talented local and international cooks and chefs, whose culinary artistry knows no bounds. These connections have led us to foster relationships with licensed kitchens and cooks, enabling us to curate professional and culinary offerings.


Our inspiration stems from the kaleidoscope of multicultural and vibrant cultures we have encountered along our journey. We are drawn to a harmonious fusion of natural, down-to-earth comfort infused with otherworldly accents. An ethereal dance of incense and lighting that awakens your spirit through the senses. Prepare to be enchanted by an atmosphere that embraces your soul and elevates your experience to extraordinary heights.

- Interior Styling

- Decor Design + Production

- Sourcing 

- Outdoor Space Setups


Since 2012, we have been crafting exquisite, one-of-a-kind garments, acknowledging the uniqueness of each individual's character that yearns to be expressed. Our passion lies in collaborating with you to breathe life into your vision or, better yet, entrust us to style you. As of 2023, we have embraced the path of natural fibers, embodying our commitment to sustainability and the beauty of nature's gifts.

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