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Styling one of the most magical planets on Earth.

Featured Client:

Planet Xancara


MilQ + Honey has been working alongside Planet Xancara since it's inception. Working alongside the land we have drawn inspiration to create a unique space that embodies the energy of the venue and all it's magical little nooks and crannies which has had a massive impact on the feeling of the space to guests who often leave in awe.

Main Camp Styling

Outside Lawn Lounge

Themed Low Lounges

Tent Interior

Outdoor Daybed

Retreats and Experiences curation to enhance the nature of the venue.

Featured Client: 

Planet Xancara, Elands Bay


Collaborating closely with PX, we have reimagined the experiences offered here to align more harmoniously with the environment and geographical setting. Nestled beside a sacred site with a 60,000-year-old story, Planet Xancara exudes a deep connection to the Cradle of Human Culture. Our research and engagement with cultural knowledge keepers have culminated in a thoughtfully curated range of intimate and meaningful experiences for our guests that evolve with time. Embracing the natural wonders and cultural richness of this majestic sanctuary, we invite visitors to embark on a journey of discovery, forging heartfelt connections to the land's wisdom and captivating narratives.

Bridging Worlds

Everything we do is rooted in the principles of integrity, harmony and intention.

A fairy-tale wedding on the East Coast inspired by nature.

Featured Client:

Ash + Manu, Emily Moon (Plettenberg Bay)


The inspiration for this wedding was born from the couple's essence, embracing the beauty of nature and the mesmerizing hues of the setting sun. The venue itself was a dreamland, a perfect canvas for our creative journey, harmonizing effortlessly with the land. As stylists, we brought their vision to life, crafting an enchanting atmosphere that felt like a reverie come alive. But it didn't end there; we added an auditory tapestry of magic by introducing the wedding party to unique sounds from local and international artists. The rhythm of the music intertwined with nature's heartbeat, transcending time and space, creating an unforgettable symphony of love and celebration.

Floral Sourcing and Styling 

Ceremonial Space Styling

Reception Styling

Ceremonial Wedding Arch

Additional Ceremonial Elements

Guided Journey

Master of Ceremony

Curated Chef inspired by the stories and flavours of the land.

Grounded Ceremonial Space + Live Background Instrumentals


A beautiful,

down-to-earth celebration of love hidden in the hills of the West Coast.


Roxanne + Grant, Planet Xancara

(Elands Bay)


The wedding held at Planet Xancara was a truly special and heartfelt affair that started with a chance meeting and bloomed into a profound friendship with the couple and their tribe. Spanning over two magical days, we poured our hearts into every aspect, from transforming the space with our creative touch to crafting a soul-stirring ceremony that reflected the essence of their love. Collaborating with a top local chef, we curated a menu inspired by the indigenous plants and stories of the land, resulting in a culinary experience that paid homage to the rich heritage of the surroundings. Love and friendship intertwined throughout the celebration, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of all who attended.

Afrikan Movement / Afro Fusion Dance Experience

Traditional Drum-Making

Plant Medicine Circles

Sound Journeys


Sound Experiences​

Drumming Circles with Movement

A mystical and magical curation of experiences set beside an ancient body of water.


Tribe In, Citrusdal


Previously known to be a place to party, we stated working with PX to bring in a new energy and type of event that aligns with the environment and geographical setting. Planet Xancara is situated beside a sacred site with a 60 000 year story. Within 4 years we studied the land, engaged with many researchers and cultural knowledge keepers to curate a range of experiences for the guests at Planet Xancara.

An intimate gathering of culture and sound in the Cederberg.


Pasithea's Garden, Cederkloof Botanical Retreat


Immerse yourself in the enchanting tapestry of an intimate gathering that seamlessly weaves culture and sound amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Cederberg. Our event beckons you to experience profound cultural exchanges, where diverse worlds collide and intermingle, igniting a vibrant tapestry of shared experiences. Embark on exhilarating adventures through the embrace of nature, letting its beauty guide your journey. Unveil the extraordinary as you partake in unique sound journeys and captivating performances that resonate with your soul's deepest rhythms. Elevate your senses through transformative ceremonies of well-being, designed to nurture both mind and spirit. Amidst this oasis, discover the purity of natural spring water and the botanical wonders of an indigenous garden, enhancing the tapestry of sensory delights that this event promises to be. 

A concept store to send out the call.


MilQ + Honey Concept Store


In 2017, the seeds of inspiration took root, urging us to create a transformative concept: the MilQ + Honey pop-up shop, symbolizing the dawn of our new journey as a lifestyle brand. This sacred space beckoned our Tribe and marked the beginning of the path we now tread. A haven for souls from all corners of the world, our shop blossomed into a vibrant melting pot of cultural exchange, where diverse human expressions found their canvas. From tantalizing tastes to soul-stirring sounds, our "secret" haven nestled in the heart of the renowned Long Street in Cape Town became a portal to savor and experience the world's beauty. Undoubtedly, it was a truly magical place that left an unforgettable memory with all who stepped foot inside its enchanting embrace.

Cross-Cultural Experiences the intend to shine lights on the various practices of native tribes from around the world.

Live Percussion Performances

Ancient Frequencies

New Wave Sound Experiences

Special and Unique Artists

Sound Healing Immersions

Multi-Cultural Soundscapes

Front Lounge

Local Crafted Drinks and Spirits

Organic Wines

Indigenous Teas

Nourishing Smoothies

Multi-Cultural Inspired Lounge

Fusion of "Down to Earth" Theme

Seasonal Curated Menu

Alkaline Organic foods only

Intimate Events and Gatherings focusing on cultural exchanges

Custom Garments and Fashion​

Custom Garments

A Picnic in the mountains with friends, enjoyed with some live music and adventures to nearby rocks and viewpoints. 

An informative walk through the land to learn about the many plants and their native stories.

A guided Planet Medicine Journey to an ancient sight.

Valentines Day Journey, a sound journey and private concert under the stars listening to native stories through music

A Signature Tea Ceremony experience that introduces you to the magical stories and hidden powers the plants we work with.

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