A greater version of us...


Summer 2021

a prelude
to our next Chapter.

The ancient story of the Land of MilQ + Honey is known to many of the most ancient cultures from all corners of the world. The myth is ultimately the same: It's about a place that is heaven on earth. The message embedded in this myth is that this place can exist. It starts by existing within us, and when we are in tune with our highest selves, we begin manifesting and co-creating the land of MilQ + Honey, a heaven on earth.

Our story as MilQ + Honey began in the heart of Rondebosch, Cape Town, December 2012, at the dawn of the great cosmic shift. The first manifestation of our work was this magical boutique house of fashion, health and beauty. So many magical moments we had here with so many women.

Our quality, custom-made high-fashion garments and energy was so well received by our market and industry that we opened for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Cape Town back in 2015. Our garments found their way into wardrobes all over the world...and yet... something still didn't feel right. The industry needed growth, so we needed to grow first as creatives. 


As seekers and soldiers of Love, Truth and Harmony, we undertook the deep journey to better understand our purpose as a business. This intention unlocked a clearer visualisation of an enduring legacy that is in alignment with our greatest values. A vision that will intrinsically inspire us as a business and brand as we move into this unknown future.

As young, creative entrepreneurs, we were inspired to materialise our greatest values of Love, Truth and Balance. This is what birthed the M+H Culture Club in the long street.

A mystical and magical place rooted in our greatest values of Love, Truth and Balance. We manifested pure magic in the heart of our beautiful city (go check our our instagram). The MilQ + Honey Culture Club inspired us and so many people that walked through our doors, from all over the world. 


We opened up a portal in long street that people started magically popping in and wanting to collaborate with on some of the most inspiring projects with even more incredible beings we didn't know existed!

Needless to say, our tribe evolved and grew as we learnt to how to embrace and respect so many people, so many cultures. We learnt  the art of creating safe spaces where people can truly relax and feel inspired to level up... and we learnt how to do this in the heart of Long Street. Our powerful work ultimately led us to bigger spaces and places... we have been called into nature. Just before lockdown, we made the intentional jump out of the city, and into nature.

Why? Simply put... it's because this is where and what we love the most. We love nature.

As of 2021 we are already several years into materialising our next wave of manifestations and co-creations working alongside many, many magical people, places and projects along the South-West Coast of Southern Africa, the land to which our hearts belong, a land the indigenous people of South Africa once referred to as... The Land of MilQ + Honey. A place of abundance and acceptance. 

The next chapter and cycle of our Journey promise to be our greatest yet. We draw on our greatest lessons, wisdoms and community to bring about mindful products and concepts intentioned to aid our journey to collectively and creatively becoming greater versions of ourselves.


We send you so much love in this time, on your journey during one of the greatest and most powerful moments in human history. We honour you for choosing to be here during this time. The only things left for us to do... the work. Here we go again :) 

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