Our Journey

Our story begins in December 2012, at the dawn of the great cosmic shift. The first manifestation of our work was a beautiful Spa situated in the heart of Rondebosch - a place of fashion, health + beauty. Over the years we have  grown immensely as beings + so has our vision for what we want to share with the world. 


We are old souls, seekers + soldiers of Truth + Balance on the journey to become our greatest selves and leave an enduring legacy of Love. Our knowledge expands with each experience and we constantly apply our learnings to all of our creations.

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Our clothing is produced on-site by our team: a reputable designer, fresh pattern maker + master CMT with a rich history of creating remarkable attire. 


Our teas, smoothies + seasonal drinks are all plant based, unique, infused with healing herbs and we only use fresh water from Table Mountain, rich in mother natures messages. 


Our food is prepared under the happiest conditions and our ingredients sourced from local, organic farms. 


And finally, each month we host a set of signature events that orientate around raising our tribes consciousness. 

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Our shop in long street is our latest creation, a land of Love, Truth + Balance,  manifested in the heart of our beautiful city.


Our intention with this place is to co-create a safe haven for people to relax, recharge + reconnect  the body, mind + spirit.


We undertake great practices to ensure that our inner realms,  team + partners embody our principles of love, truth and balance.

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We The Land of MilQ + Honey, inspired by the biblical tale of a promised land where love + abundance is all that surrounds us + where all life is treated with respect. 


We do not discriminate against race or creed but by intention. We believe in a tribe of many colours. If our story resonates with your heart, you've found your tribe.

Today, MilQ + Honey is building working on creating magical spaces and experiences to share with our tribe.


Much Love. 

We wish you

Love, Truth + Balance.


MilQ + Honey

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