Who is MilQ & Honey

Cape Town fashion fanatics got their first taste of the MilQ and Honey clothing range at their first fashion showcase at 169 on Long in February 2012. MilQ and Honey fashion is exciting and fresh and is all about celebrating the beauty of being a woman. The garments are designed to make any woman feel confident and attractive, it’s sexy and edgy yet glamorous and classy. The MilQ and Honey range is a heady eclectic mix of styles, colours, patterns and prints, unafraid of being both bold and ultra-feminine. The line is inspired by life, the energy colours, animals, and patterns and shapes of our natural surroundings. Guaranteed to unleash the vamp within!

Gabriella and Kelly are health fanatics and are both well known amongst their friends for conjuring up creative, unique, scrumptious and most importantly healthy meals and they would love to share these imaginative and mouth-watering dishes with you in the organic kitchen. The MilQ and Honey House is in fact a home and when you eat at the organic kitchen it’s like going over to your best friend’s house for lunch where the meals are exclusively organic, and made with love. Just a preview of the most delicious healthy snacks available will be Vegan pizzas with a tasty base of seeds and beans, topped with cashew nuts, cheese and avocado. If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, what about blissful organic raw chocolate brownie? Or rice pasta (wheat and gluten free) with a tasty organic pesto mixed with broccoli and spinach, sprinkled with a touch of carrot shavings! Yummy!!

The goal is to have the official launch of all three divisions (organic health kitchen and fashion label and beauty spa) around the End of April. As young teenage girls, the Davids’ sisters daydreamed about opening a beauty spa, organic kitchen and a fashion label all under one roof. Like any two headstrong sisters would, they would fight and bicker about t the possible names, what the place would look like and all the dreamy details. Just six years later, the dream has become a proud reality for the determined pair, and they continue to grow and learn together on a daily basis. Today, Gabriella and Kelly invite you into the gorgeous MilQ and Honey house to experience a heavenly pampering experience.

Only two years apart in age, the sisters have been inseparable since they were young girls and have always encouraged each other to follow their own unique paths of passion and expression. Gabriella has been a successful model since the age of 16 and has graced the pages of fashion magazines such as Glamour and Cosmopolitan and has featured in many international TV commercials. Modelling inspired a particular interest in fashion and beauty, and the fascination just grew over the years. She is passionate about health and beauty and believes that women deserve to delight in themselves.

Kelly, who finished a Social Science degree, recently finished a short course in fashion design and is a successful stylist with a distinctive aesthetic flair for glamour and unique beauty. Her studies have also sparked a personal interest in gender equality and women empowerment. Both women believe that beauty comes from the inside out and believe in the importance of living healthy organic lifestyles, and celebrating inner and outer beauty. With this in mind, they gave birth to the idea of MilQ and Honey, a place where women can indulge themselves with unlimited pampering, a chance to sample delectable and healthy organic meals and spoil themselves with garments that make them feel like goddesses.

The sisters were raised by a very beautiful and phenomenal woman, Tammy Davids who preached “independence, strength, confidence, happiness and love”. She instilled in her daughters the idea that you are in charge of your own life, and you should always be grateful and make the most of life by going for what you want. This advice has stuck in the minds of Gabriella and Kelly and they have used this ethos of independence, love and strength in the building of MilQ and Honey. Sadly Tammy passed away two years ago to colon cancer but in true Davids’ sisters’ style they chose to celebrate her life and use it as a source of inspiration rather than mourning. The sisters were in awe of their mother’s attitude to her illness, she was always positive and never allowed the illness to get her down. She was an inspiration to all women around her and even held women’s conferences on dealing with cancer and she was so vibrant, the people around her often forgot about the cancer.

“What I loved most was her attitude. She always said ‘I’m never going to sit down, feel sorry for myself and die.’– Gabriella

Tammy Davids’ life and death played an immense role on how Gabriella and Kelly live their lives and she encouraged them to share their love and light withothers and to experience life through loving and inspiring yourself to inspire others. Empowering women with confidence in themselves and allowing women to love and spoil themselves is one of the cornerstones that MilQ and Honey is built on.